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  • What services do you offer?
    Sessions are all inclusive of personal branding, platform building, interview training, mock interviews, overall glam consulting and stage presence. Purchased time will include a detailed pageant plan for each of our sessions, with included homework to be worked on in-between sessions.
  • Do you coach for a specific pageant system?
    As a former titleholder of the Miss USA organization, I've been able to work with multiple women competing in all systems ranging from Miss America, Miss Grand, Miss USA and more! I found that the foundation of great prep is similar across the board no matter the system!
  • Why would you need a pageant coach?
    No matter your experience level I believe anyone can greatly benefit from having an extra set of eyes and ears on your overall performance! Coaches assist individuals in refining their body language, posture, gestures, and facial expressions to convey confidence, approachability, and credibility. Moreover, coaches who have competed before also provide an extra level of valuable guidance and insight of what is expected, not only at competition level but during your prep! I pride myself in being able to fully relate to all stages of what it means to be a pageant contestant so I'm better able to assist in exactly what my clients need in terms of support and specific prep.
  • Who needs a coach?
    No matter your pageant experience, any woman who is looking for assistance in identifying issues that might need correction and desires to improve her overall performance on and off stage would greatly benefit from having a coach!
  • When should you hire a pageant coach?
    As someone who has obtained coaching services anywhere from 5 weeks out from a competition to 1 year, I've noticed that the more time you have to prep is always greatly beneficial to your overall confidence level and readiness. Nonetheless, if you're able to obtain coaching closer to your competition date, there is ALWAYS information to be learned and applied. Remember: having an extra set of eye and ears on your performance will always be productive and will give you a confidence boost so you're ready to hit that stage no matter what!
  • What makes a compatible client to coach relationship?
    Coaching is all about action and taking you from where you are today to where you want to go. As a former titleholder, spending personal time to fully understand myself (through doing homework such as: studying current hot topics and forming opinions, interview Q&A, solo stage practice, planning my wardrobe, etc.) was vital to my success. I'm here to offer my insights and direction to those who are willing to put in the work both in and out of sessions.
  • What is the purpose of the initial consultation?
    Before a client pays for any session time, I require a mandatory 20-minute initial consultation via Zoom to gain a better idea of what is specifically needed for each client. I get as much information as possible during the initial consultation. In addition, the intake form submitted prior to scheduling an initial consultation helps to also "fill in the gaps", so to speak.
  • What to expect during the very first session?
    Depending on my client's needs, I jump right in! Interview prep begins with initial conversations about how to build your personal brand. Conversations tend to be very open, honest, and sometimes a bit awkward to my clients because they usually aren't thinking about "self" on a day-to-day basis. This session also allows me to gauge what style of coaching is needed. The first session is usually where we get the juices flowing and my clients will also leave with homework that I expect to be, at the least, considered before our next session together. Walking/stage prep is similar in that I jump right into what areas we need to focus on, from posture, heel walking, posing, facials, etc. Clients will receive any footage at the conclusion of our sessions for their review. I do expect my clients to arrive on time to sessions so we can maximize our time together! ♡
  • What is the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire Form for?
    Prior to scheduling an initial consultation, this form allows me to gauge a few things: 1) our compatibility, 2) what you feel you need most from our time together, and 3) if you're filling it out that tells me you're serious about wanting to focus on your prep! Some of the responses will merit a little more elaboration which will be covered in our initial consultation. I always want to make sure that I clearly understand my clients' goals, intentions and expectations and vice versa.
  • How do you determine your coaching plan for each client?
    I've worked with women who have needed services on a basis of 1 time to 1 year's worth of sessions. I utilize laser coaching for those who are in need of quick and short term services. Otherwise, I prefer to work much more on an organized level. With how in depth we tend to go in session, I believe it takes time for progression to grow; although, this also depends on how much work my client is putting in outside of sessions. It takes a lot of courage and nutrients for clients to dig deep, gain confidence and break habits.
  • What is your pricing?
    For all pricing, please submit to my inquiry form at: ♡
  • What packages / services do you offer?
    My services are offered in three separate packages that can be utilized by the hour, however my clients wish to use their purchased time. From a 1-hour option to a 4-hour option, and all times in-between that range, I like to give my clientele control over their scheduling and how they spend our time together. For my pricing list, please submit to my inquire form at: ♡
  • How long can I use a purchased package or session?
    All packages can be used via Zoom or In-Person within 60 days.
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