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Miss Silver State 2022

Tianna’s coaching style has 100% made me more confident in my approach to interview. She will always say “Find your why behind your why” and that statement alone changed everything for me! As contestants, we need to be as precise as we can in presenting why we are there to win that title. After training with Tianna, I had never felt so assured and proud to explain my “why” with the judges. Additionally, her being a former Miss Nevada USA gives her so much insight into knowing every single thing you’ll need to be successful for your pageant because she’s gone through it herself! She will also curate you your own walk for gown and swim, and she truly pays attention to the little details of what will make you shine the most. Thank you, Tianna, for not only being a coach but for being the best pillar of support while I was competing!



Miss District of Columbia Teen 2021

I worked with Tianna weekly for about two months before heading to my national pageant , and she was off the walls AMAZING! From her guidance for onstage presence to her ability to truly knowing how to help someone walk into an interview feeling like themself ! I am so blessed to have worked with Tianna and I can say with 100% honesty h that she will be a lasting member of my pageant journey!



Miss San Diego 2019

Tianna helped me during my last competition for Miss California USA. I have been competing for 10 years but mostly in the MAO system. Tianna was the perfect person to help me adjust to the USA system. We were able to improve my walk and bring out a new side of me to show the judges. She listened to my goals and what I wanted to focus on and gave me multiple ways to work on achieving those goals. She has great perspective being a former state titleholder and Top 5 at Miss USA and takes the time to boost your own confidence. Absoutely great experience with Tianna Consulting!



Miss Nevada Global Continental 2022

I loved trusting you with my journey. I have definitely grown so much because of you. 



Miss Nevada Earth 2023

Love her she is the best! One of the best coaches I could have asked for. Super sweet, I improved my posture thanks to her. 


Mother of 
Ava Williams 

Miss Nevada Teen Volunteer 2023

Love her she is the best! One of the best coaches I could have asked for. Super sweet, I improved my posture thanks to her. Tianna, you are amazing coach. Your positivity and encouragement gave Ava the confidence she needed to compete in the pageant. You are professional, available, fun and upbeat. You have all the qualitites that are necessary for a good coach. I would would highly recommend your coaching services.



Miss Red Rock 2022

Working with Tianna was an absolute pleasure. She truly helped me gather my thoughts in order express my platform and authentic self to the judges. Would highly recommend to anyone who is in need of guidance in the the pageant world.



Miss Golden State 2023

Tianna is the best in the industry! I have worked with her for almost 2 years and I can genuinely say I’m a better person because of her. She has helped me in every aspect of pageant prep from headshot preparation, branding, paperwork, walking, interview, and so much more. Her attention to detail and care for her clients is what sets her apart from all the coaches I’ve worked with in the past. She truly cares for all of her clients. Working with her has really transformed my confidence on and off the stage. Her prep book made me a better planner for pageant season and gave me the tools to succeed in all of my pageant endeavors. Any contestant that has the opportunity to work with Tianna will take their game to the next level and will have the best mentor to guide them along their journey.



Miss San Diego 2019

Tianna provided all the tools I needed to succeed. It is up to the client to do the homework, and put in the work to get the best out of everything.It was absolutely lovely to work with Tianna. It is always better to work with someone who you feel comfortable with, and Tianna was welcoming since day 1. From interview to walking to wardrobe tips, I am so grateful for help and guidance! I’m really looking forward to working with her again!



Miss Pico Rivera USA 2023

Tianna is very knowledgable in all categories of pageantry. Tianna gives you confidence to bring out your true self. Tianna pays attention to small details during walk.



Miss Battle Born 2022

Tianna completely shifted my confidence level for on-stage performance by helping me develop a personalized swimsuit and evening gown routine that I loved. I had never felt that I had a very strong walk until I started working with her. She gave me honest feedback and helpful tips for posture, poses, and facial expressions that made all the difference. She is also an amazing hype woman and will feel like a sister by the end of your session! I'm so thankful to work with Tianna and would encourage anyone looking to compete in a pageant to book her!

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